Days sober: 377 The fear has fallen away leaving space for MORE. Living with and loving an actively using addict was maddening, soul crushing, chaos. Prison walls closing in, life a small cell. There was only room for fear. I never want to go back. On October 8, 2017 my husband celebrated one year of …

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Stop Chasing

Days Sober: 92 Stop chasing the light  my love It is nothing but an illusion shimmering oasis in the unforgiving desert Stop chasing the light It is nothing but a fire that consumes burning raging  left behind an ashen mind charred building body burnt Stop chasing the light They lied- it is actually darkness that pervades …

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My Personal Relapse

Today I woke up feeling everything. I took the day off of work claiming sickness so I can spend the day with my sister in law who is visiting from the west coast. When I say I woke up feeling everything, it means a great weight. Although I am not really sick, I feel like …

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