My husband, who I love dearly, suffers from opioid addiction. In the US we are in the midst of a drug epidemic of epic and devastating proportions. I am facing this battle, like so many others, at home. As a nation, what we do next to combat this epidemic will define our humanity. At home, I am discovering my humanity. With that comes my compassion and my will to fight. In this journey I have encountered disappointment in a corrupt and unforgiving system. I have also encountered great resilience and strength in the recovery community. 

What you will discover, or perhaps already know, and what we are discovering as a nation about opiate addiction is that it knows no race, culture, gender, or class. It can have many faces and it can affect any of us. It in fact does affect many of us. It is time to stop seeing people who suffer from addiction as “others “. It is time to stop trying to tuck it away in a dark corner. We can’t and morally should not ignore it. And imprisonment doesn’t work either. 

So who am I? I am a professional woman in my thirties, I work in the healthcare field, I work in pediatrics, and I have a master’s degree. I enjoy reading, dance, and yoga. I love the beach and swimming in the ocean (this sounds like a dating website). What I’m not: an addiction specialist, a psychologist, a counselor, an expert in addiction, or a writer. Oh and I’m married to a junkie (okay now that does not belong on a dating profile). No, he’s much more than that. He is a fisherman, salesman, avid bike rider, photographer, affiliate, son, brother, uncle, and husband. 

This is not a blog with answers or solutions. It’s one that invites you to share in my journey through addiction. Technically it’s my husband’s addiction but really its mine too, because when you live with and love someone who is an addict, you share the disease with them. I do hope that this blog can help me find answers, rediscover who I am as a woman, and give me and my readers strength. I also hope I can find my voice, and give a voice to others who struggle with this. Maybe along the way we can find answers and solutions together. I am definitely looking for a support system. Perhaps to come out on the other side stronger and smarter. Or just come out on the other side unbroken with my pieces put back together. I won’t be unscathed, but I am definitely looking to be reinvented. Of course, deep down I’m hoping my husband will be too. Thank you for reading.