Patience blooms

Infant tendril emanates

deliberately from stump

Clipped by cold lifeless metal

Expectant buds

house hereafter petals

Cared for without obsession

Her idle growth

is still inside chaos

Her revival a tender surprise

She is resilient

This is my orchid. She has shiny green new stems and buds that will produce flowers soon. I have never been able to successfully keep an orchid for re-bloom in the past. This orchid last bloomed about a year ago. Almost as long as my husband’s been sober. Like recovery, her bloom takes time and patience. What did I do differently with this orchid? I don’t know. Perhaps it is because I have changed in recovery, perhaps because my life has.

I know this: I am resilient like the orchid.

I have discussed being a gratitude gangster in past posts. Some thoughts on life and gratitude:

I have a friend with privilege. She expects only goodness from life. When things don’t go her way she becomes morose and often pities herself. She has a lot. Entitlement brings this kind of expectation. To get everything one may desire in life.

Don’t get me wrong, I have much to learn from my friend, who I love dearly, despite how much she irritates me. To know what I’m worth and to feel deserving of happiness. I have not always felt I deserve much.

What can my friend learn from me?

Appreciate and honor what blessings you have. Know you are not more deserving than others. My husband’s recovery makes me a gratitude gangster. I am lucky he is sober. I am thankful for his recovery. I know things could have been different. Very different. I am the privileged one now.

I will never forget that.

8 thoughts on “Orchid

  1. Hey, Marahu! I think your orchid feels the peace and serenity in your home. I really believe that. Gratitude comes more easily for some than others. I’ve been in a (relatively) tough spot lately and it occurs to me that whenever this happens, my sense of gratitude has gotten out of kilter. Take care!

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    1. HD! I can’t help but think the universe has aligned in some way and the orchid is symbolic of new life. I’m sorry for whatever you have been going through my friend, I’m grateful you are here. Sending loving kindness and gratitude your way.

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