Death Valley

Bloodied knees of mother

Scrape two jointed bones

on gritty ground.

Cradled in arms,

and upon earthly bosom,

the infant rests

unmoving at her breast.

Words spill from beaded lips

inside water droplets

mothers muttered prayers.

Into rivers wide mouth,

she releases

to rushing rapids

Her son.

Last light from moon

slivered beam dagger,

stalks child.

Body of man

bathed in light,

and swept away.

Left behind

there is a woman.

Wrapped in black shroud

that covers bent spine and,

twisted mind.

Left behind

gaping cavernous heart

of solitary woman.

With barren womb

she kneels,

encircled by souls in flight

Barely living.

But still loving,

in death’s valley.

We lost another last night to overdose. He fought for years to stay clean. This is number 4 in 3 weeks. I am surrounded by death and my heart is so heavy.

If you are still picking up or in recovery, if you are in long term recovery or it’s your first day, if you love someone battling addiction, please don’t give up hope and keep fighting. I know it’s a fight for life.

I am just one person but I believe in you.

To our angels taken from us before their time: we will meet again in river and in sky.


11 thoughts on “Death Valley

  1. The words “I’m so sorry” don’t seem enough- so much pain involved for everyone. It’s heartbreaking.
    I hope anyone reading your posts and struggling will have the courage to reach out for help. Everyone one of us deserves to live a healthy sober life. Each and every life has value.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and all who are struggling.

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    1. Yes every life is precious. And yet the National response to this epidemic communicates otherwise. Grief, anger, frustration, Hope, gratitude for my husband’s sobriety….its a merry go round of emotions. We must care for each other with empathy and tenderness. Thank you for your prayers and condolences. xoxo

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