Colonized Heart

My heart is in Puerto Rico.

I am not starving or homeless, I am not without food and medicine, I do not overlook flooded streets, and I am not forced to drink contaminated water. While I am not suffering the physical effects of subjugation, the impact of repression on the soul is savage. My body feels as if it has been bound and beaten, my heart tortured, my mind deprived of sleep.

Each night, here in the Diaspora, I dream of Puerto Rico with nostalgia and terror.

En mis sueños el coqui está cantando.

In my dreams the coqui is singing.

A mis abuelos con Dios en el cielo: pueden oír la canción de coqui?

A mi gente viviendo en la oscuridad en Puerto Rico: puede oír el coqui?

Buenas noches colonizadas

Buenas noches mi gente

Te amo Borinquén


To my grandparents in heaven with God: can you hear the song of the coqui?

To my people living in darkness in Puerto Rico: do you hear the coqui?

Good night to the colonized

Good night to my people

I love you Borinquén

taino symbol for coqui

*Coqui: small frog native to Puerto Rico with distinctive song

*Borinquén: another name for Puerto Rico, derived from the indigenous Taíno name Borikén

*Taino: indigenous people in Puerto Rico before arrival of Christopher Columbus and colonization of island by Spain in the late 1400s

**Click on link below to be transported to the Isla del Encanto upon wings of coqui’s song:


3 thoughts on “Colonized Heart

  1. On your “about” page, you say you are not a writer. I disagree. You write clearly, and your words are filled with a a combination of beauty and passion.

    Congratulations on your husband’s recovery. It’s a massive achievement.

    Liked by 1 person

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