Days sober: 377 The fear has fallen away leaving space for MORE. Living with and loving an actively using addict was maddening, soul crushing, chaos. Prison walls closing in, life a small cell. There was only room for fear. I never want to go back. On October 8, 2017 my husband celebrated one year of …

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Colonized Heart

My heart is in Puerto Rico. I am not starving or homeless, I am not without food and medicine, I do not overlook flooded streets, and I am not forced to drink contaminated water. While I am not suffering the physical effects of subjugation, the impact of repression on the soul is savage. My body …

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Price for Life

Artist: Albert Taino Painting: Areizaga For Puerto Rico : She fell to ground, blood red, from wild mother flamboyan. Now a tiny colonized flower grows in occupied cement crack, fragile tendrils reach up to stormy skies desperately seeking sun, resilient wind -blown petals await rain. The Flamboyan tree could be seen all over Puerto Rico. …

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