Life in Time and Farce: a short play 

Characters: 3 people, men, women, trans, whatever you please. The Present #1, The Present #2, Back in The Day

Setting: the unemployment office in the South Side. Back in the day and right now, sometime and anytime between 1995 and today. 

Start scene. 

The Present #1: who’s that white guy over there? He looks familiar.

The Present #2: that’s Comey. 

Back in the Day: oh yeah, he’s director of the FBI. 

The Present #1: not anymore, he got fired. 

The Present #2: that’s why he’s in the unemployment line with us. 

Back in the Day: what happened? 

The Present #2: Donald Trump fired him. 

Back in the Day: what? Trump works at the FBI now? Damn rich people, they get all the connects. 

The Present #1 : nah, Donald Trump is president of the United States. 

Back in the Day: what??!!! Can’t be true! He is a real racist crook. Guess I can see how it’s possible…

The Present #1: yup he still golfs all the time though. 

The Present #2: it’s all over Twitter. 

Back in the Day: some shit never changes. Wait, what’s Twitter? 

The Present #1:  you know for tweeting. 

(Back in the Day stands in line looking perplexed)

Back in the Day: by the way I have a real bad headache from the constant time travel. Have any oxy? 

The Present #1: nah man, been clean 10 years. Turns out pain pills are just dope. 

The Present # 2: as addictive as heroin. 

Back in The Day: but my doctor said…

The Present #1: pharmaceutical companies lied. Don’t mess with dope either anymore, they’re cuttin’ it with something called fentanyl now. Shits a killer. 

Back in the Day (shaking head): damn, I guess I’m not surprised, I knew those were withdrawal symptoms even though they promised that wasn’t supposed to happen. Hopefully my insurance will cover addiction treatment. 

The Present #1: yeah I lost some friends to Purdue’s pill overdoses, good luck man.

 (Hands him pre existing condition checklist)

The Present #2: times are tough, but we recently had a Black President.  

Back in the Day: not possible! (looking perplexed again) Who? 

The Present #1: dude named Barack Obama. 

Back in the Day: from around the way…

(Back in the Day shakes head with amazed facial expression) 

The Present #2: now it’s Donald Trump.

Back in the Day: damn, the present is a crazy ass place. 

(Sees Hillary Clinton standing with Comey, walks over to talk to them…”can I call you Jim?”…and loses place in unemployment line). 

End Scene 

Want to learn more about how Big Pharma perpetuated and profited from the opioid epidemic in one of the biggest and deadliest for-profit corporate corrupt schemes in recent history? Read here: 


From American Journal of Public Health: The Promotion and Marketing of OxyContin: Commercial Triumph, Public Health Tragedy

From Alternet, What Big Pharma Does Not Want You To Know About The Opioid Epidemic 

From Dr. Mercola, Big Pharma Sued For Funneling Opioids to Black Market 

From Vice: on Big Pharma lobbying to fight prescription pain pill limits amidst a deadly epidemic 

From Vox: How big pharma got people hooked on dangerous opioids — and made tons of money off it

Now for some 90s memes: 


15 thoughts on “Life in Time and Farce: a short play 

  1. Isn’t it interesting as well who is profiting off of narcan administered to those that overdose. And when the heroin epdemic increased, guess who jacked up the price of Narcan.
    Here’s a look at an interesting read of a comparison of El Chapo and Pharma.

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  2. My doctor keeps wanting to give me more drugs for some of my medical problems.
    But after reading the side effects of some, I just don’t use them.
    The whole drug thing is crazy.
    I am on some drugs, and I know there are many drugs that have saved people’s lives.
    But I have stepped back, and really do some thinking and research before I just use them.
    I feel like my doctor, as the articles say, have 15 minutes to make a diagnosis, and then throws a drug at the problem.
    I wish our health care providers would cover massage therapy, and acupuncture besides just drugs.
    Thank you!

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    1. Yes there is a place for western and eastern medicine and of course invention of many drugs have saved and changed lives. I heard an NPR piece that revealed that Americans are so heavily medicated, much more than 20 years ago and much more than other countries, they gave Canada as a comparison. As soon as medicine and healthcare become about profits and not people, well it’s a disaster, and that’s exactly what we have here in the US. The lobbying power and direct marketing in US of pharmaceutical companies is unprecedented, and the opioid epidemic a direct result. It’s a travesty and remarkable devastation to human life.
      Sending love your way!


  3. I know doctors and big Pharma is behind much of the addiction problem in the US. First you go to the doc and he gives you Oxy for your chronic back pain. You take the pills for 5 years and feel good. Then suddenly the doc won’t refill your script. New regulations to cut down on abuse. Leaving those who have become addicted to try to find a replacement through illegal sources. You gotta love it. 😦

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  4. This is so sad and actually infuriating. It’s time people woke up to the fact the governments aren’t concerned with our well being. They are owned by corporations who are out to make profits no matter what.

    In Victorian Britain arsenic was used to make vividly coloured wallpaper, this caused many deaths. The wallpaper manufacturers and government took literally years to admit that this was the cause and the only reason they eventually did was because of public pressure.

    Viva la revolution!

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