It is raining here. I am not talking about the weather. I stepped in a puddle on the dry concrete-cracked sidewalk. Turns out that puddle is actually my heart. It just melted in the world’s cruel sun. Now it’s boot trampled and drip-drip-dripping into city street’s schism. Gaping chest, I am soaked and I am cold. I just learned what I have always known, the heat that melted my heart is reserved for the 1%. My heart is a shivering puddle and I am confined to the damp shadows. Scorching sun and a downpour, but no damn rainbow. At least my husband is sober from dope—and everything else—and I am hanging onto my soul. My soul is resilient. See it? My soul? Here it is. In my outstretched hand between frail fingers. I think sharing it with you must be saving me. 

Thank you for saving me. Today is hard. It just is. Another day, another struggle. Living sober today and living to see another day tomorrow. 

Snowflake hashtag frenzy: 

#voteno #healthcareisahumanright #nevergoback #endtheopiodepidemic  #ihatemassincarceration  #lovethyneighbor #stoppolicebrutality #mybodymychoice #lgbtqrights #sickandtired #climatechangeisreal #BLM #endstigma #iampaidlessbecauseiamawoman #tipoftheiceberg 


18 thoughts on “Puddle 

  1. Today, for this moment, I have strength. I will share that with you in hopes that it will help you to stand. Look for the rainbows wherever there is water-it is everywhere. Breathe in the colors that surround you and let it bring life and joy to your aching soul. Be blessed by the beauty within you!

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    1. Mark, your words are just perfect. I will never stop fighting and loving in this messy life struggle, and please don’t stop coming around. I truly need your words and presence. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  2. What was it that Rumi said – the cure for the pain is the pain? The struggle is the struggle because if not we don’t grow. I know, sounds all twee and precious and easy to say when things are going well. But I know when my struggle is done, and I have dusted myself off and can look back at it, I am glad it happened.


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    1. Yes without struggle we can’t know triumph and without pain we can’t know joy. And yes these struggles are part of the journey that shapes us. Sometimes when you’re in it, it’s hard to see that. Thank you for the perspective Paul. And for stopping by.


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