We must not become complacent. Surviving (addiction) in the time of Trump. Week 2. 

Days Sober: 118

***march: aka protest, write, call, resist, share, speak, discuss, listen, organize, investigate, read, inform, create, love***

I march for human rights. 

I march against discrimination and bigotry. 

I march for inclusivity and love. 

I march against the Alt-Right. 

I march for our children. 

I march against mass incarceration, detention, and torture. 

I march against mass deportation. 

I march for families. 

I march against walls. 

I march for bridges. 

I march for refugees. 

I march against islamophobia. 

I march for public education. 

I march for children with disabilities. 

I march for science and truth. 

I march against alternative facts and censorship. 

I march for our environment. 

I march for the ACA. 

I march against the opioid epidemic. 

I march against militarized policing. 

I march for Black Lives. 

I march for LGBTQ families. 

I march for the Treaties. 

I march against DAPL. 

I march for the Constitution. 

I march against conflicts of interest and blatant corruption. 

I march for democracy. 

I march against authoritarianism. 

I march against fear. 

I march to persuade you to join me in a non-partisan fight. 

I march because history informs us. 

I march begging you to ask the question: “on what side of history will I stand?”

I march because I have to. 

I march because you have to. 

I march because we must. 

Had a postcard writing party last night. Everything you do matters. 



10 thoughts on “Postcards

    1. Thank you! I will be participating. Unfortunately my husband has to go to work as he is in his first 90 days of employment there, and can’t risk losing his job right now. I am going to DC in April for the climate march…you should go! ❤️

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