The Little (Big)Things

Days Sober: 64

My husband celebrated his 60 days sober last Friday. I am breathing, writing, and reciting affirmations. My husband is going to meetings and filling out job applications. Life slowly feels like it’s settling down.

I wanted to share some blessings that were delivered to me today: 

My husband and I have one car. I have his 60 days “clean and serene” key chain he put on our car keys after a meeting.  I also use these keys for work. A colleague of mine asked to use my key to open one of the closets where we keep therapy materials. I couldn’t say no and handed over my keys for her to borrow. I don’t know if she saw the tag, but feeling nervous about it, I texted a speech therapist friend from the hospital where I work about what had happened. She wrote me back: 

“Aw. Yeah I’m sure she didn’t notice. People who aren’t in that world don’t know. And if she did, you have NOTHING to be ashamed of. You are living life out loud and it’s freakin awesome and beautiful.” She filled my heart with her supportive response. 

It’s the little things. 

Today in a speech therapy session with an 11 year old boy with Autism we worked on writing a Christmas poem using our 5 senses. 

In the first line he wrote “Christmas looks like love”. He filled my heart with his words. 

It’s the little things. 

I came home and ate dinner with my husband. He broke through the silence by sharing his thoughts about recovery. He filled my heart with his presence.

It’s the little things. 

My husband is sober. He filled my heart with his strength. 

It’s the big things. 


10 thoughts on “The Little (Big)Things

  1. That is what the whole thing is about. Life is full of ” the little ” things we do not notice. Even people who are from earth (my sponsor’s term for “normal” people) do not notice. Went you start getting sober, which is a process over time, you also start to think sober and see things thru a new pair of glasses. Those little things are not quite as little as they once appeared. I had one myself Saturday. Reading your post, I just had another one. If you can, let your husband know I am standing with him. Peace, Marshall

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