Codependency is a bitch. So is addiction. 

Today my husband returns from rehab. I told my therapist how terrified I am of relapse. Of overdose. She reminded me not to abandon myself, to continue practicing self love. She told me to take life one day at a time. She taught me the serenity prayer. She encouraged me to do some affirmations and breathing.

Here are my first affirmations. I will say them to myself daily. They are to prepare for his return and for the next phase in this journey. 

I let go

Change is okay 

I will be okay 

I can’t control him

I am separate from his addiction

I let go 

I will be okay 

I let go 

So off I go. Into life. One second, one minute, one hour, one day at a time. 


18 thoughts on “Affirmations 

  1. Annette

    Is your husband on any sort of medication to assist in his recovery? Suboxone, vivitrol, methadone? Your therapist is so right….I love that advice. “Don’t abandon yourself.”

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  2. Suffering from codependency is almost as bad as addiction. Sometimes the addict doesn’t even care they are dying and it rips the codependent apart. There is a way to recovery so your husband is in luck. I have almost 3 years off heroin.

    There is a joke I heard in rehab, “They say when a codependent dies someone else’s life flashes before their eyes”.

    *hug My best wishes for you.

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    1. Love that joke! I do think breaking from my codependent patterns helped get him to rehab. When I started this blog it was from a place of desperation knowing I needed to take care of myself and change…at that point my husband was actively using all and any opiates. It’s a process for sure. The death of a codependent is a slow one, but I’m working on it. Thanks for the support.


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