“Letters” from Rehab

Texts from my husband since he has been in. He is now in “blackout” in a residential rehab in Florida (limited to no contact, no phone)  I didn’t edit any typos. Warning-there are some curse words.


Bubbie – love you …. Place is great – already talking with doc about meds – psych tomorrow – guy that is my therapist wrote a book on bipolar and is known as the expert – people are wicked smart here – thank you for getting me here


I was just cleared of being bi polar after an hour of questioning – meds changed – immediately on snri anti depressant- I have to give you this guys name so you can research him


Good morning bubbie – sorry had a med review this am – happy birthday love – soooo sorry I’m not there –  better I’m here though. Need to shower etc before group – will cAll you at 1030 ish – love you so much


Sky’s new sweater – counselor bought it for her – it’s fleece inside – she’s sooo nice – love you

Sky’s new sweater


Good morning – love you so soooooooo much
And appreciate everything you do –
Feeling great – phone died and forgot to charge  last night – text you later love


Outside doing up downs and jumping rope – normally at this time I would be hating the world for waking up –

Sunrise picture he sent me of the lake
Love you so much – was just talking about you in group a lot – all great things – people came up to me after and said how fortunate I am to have you – I am really ….


Listen to Macklemore my drug dealer is a doctor



Hey believe this is the right thing and it’s going to work

You have no idea how much I appreciate you and value you and us – I want my life with you back – my life and my struggles have brought me to this point- I will persevere – I will be that statistic that makes it- I have everything in place that I need – now it’s up to me – to dig deep inside and find out who I am – I love you and I love us – we are going to be more than ok – life is going to be great – I  going to make up for lost time – I owe you my life


3 guys fishing ol daddy o the only one to catch


DAY 10

So Friday I need to fly out-I’m covered until Wednesday need to pay for Thursday night. Don is faxing admission paperwork. Love you-all is going to be fine love

(The preparations to transition to Florida residential rehab for 30 days)

DAY 11

Good morning love-love you so much. Miss you. Can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

Fuck-don fucked up-sprout was flight nothing up front-Genesis is 700$ up front-but if we cover flight they will waive-I will call mom dukes after group-I will give the 200$ I have left and go down with no money

And I’m getting sick

Fever 101.2

DAY 12

They’re ordering me z-pak, more seroquel, and 90 of my sleep meds to go down to fla with-plus anti-anxiety-gave them the co pay cash didn’t know how much was on the card. Shit is moving so fast  and I’m sick as fuck with no flight. Bubbie I’m stressed.

DAY 13

Friday-yes I’m going to fla

I love you

Just really sick

Probably something I got from living in close quarters with not the most healthy people

Yes they quarantined me-ordered more meds for me-great I’ll figure it out

DAY 14 (yesterday)

With Ray getting letters written and checking on tonight’s coverage

Love u to-doing a ton of shit with Ray-need to talk to my mother-god dammit

I’m stressed

Nothing-just wrapping up all of the work we did-worried about the flight

Insurance isn’t covering so you should come get me

Ok-just left Ray copy of Cali letter with address etc to mail out tomorrow with completion.

Ill get certificate today for program completion

Yayyyyyy bubbie

Have one more thing to do then I’ll deal with flight

Before counselor leaves

Face is all red glands swoll

Coughing like no tomorrow

Not how I wanted to leave here

DAY 15 (today)

Sitting-about to board-love you-going to turn phone off so I can call when I’m there

Here they are taking my phone love you







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