20 Ways to Live with ICD-9-CM: 300.14, 300.15

Much of this resonates for me living with and loving my husband who suffers from addiction and PTSD. Checklist a helpful reminder of ways to stay healthy and love myself through the difficult times.

Art by Rob Goldstein

An abstract street shot that depicts a man who appears to be vanishing Vanishing Act

What is life like for someone who lives with and loves a man who is symptomatic with severe Dissociative Identity Disorder? (ICD 9 code 300.14,  300.15)?

My partner and I had a frank conversation about the stress of  living with me after a joint session with my therapist.

Kaiser’s refusal to provide a treatment protocol based on the accepted paradigms for the treatment of DID that any layman will find by doing a casual search with Google has made his life with me more difficult and frightening than it has to  be.

My lack of memory and the fear provoked by descriptions of incidents I can’t remember is “triggering ” and causes a switch.

I cannot describe what I cannot remember.

Were Kaiser doing its job my partner would receive a weekly call from my case manager so she could understand the true scope of the illness…

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